Conditions of Entry onto 161-165 Grants Road Somersby, New South Wales (The Somersby Paddock)

Exclusion of Liability

You, as a person attending the property for any reason, and/or using the facilities at 161165 Grants Road, Somersby, New South Wales whether to spectate, ride at a clinic organised by another person, or otherwise, acknowledge and agree as follows –

  1. Equestrian activities are dangerous and can cause personal injury, including death and can cause damage to property.

  2. Where attendance to 161-165 Grants Road, Somersby, NSW (The Somersby Paddock) involves contact with a horse, particularly riding, I agree to follow the instructions of the Owner or delegate of the Owner of The Somersby Paddock (Jacky and John McDougall) (the Owner) concerning use of the facilities and to use any safety equipment including a helmet and riding boots, in accordance with the Australian Standards or as recommended from time to time by Equestrian Australia, or similar organisation in existence at the time.
  3. I acknowledgeand agree that,(so far as is permitted by law) entry to The Somersby Paddock and participation in any clinic or other event, whether involving horses or otherwise, is permitted only on the basis that neither the Owner nor the organiser nor instructor of any event at The Somersby Paddock will be liable to me for any injury or loss cost damage or expense (Loss) suffered or incurred by me while at The Somersby Paddock and whether such Loss is suffered directly or indirectly by me or from breach of contract, negligence or otherwise.
  4. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless each of the Owner, the organiser and instuctor of any event at The Somersby Paddock against any Loss they or any of them incur from a claim against either of them by a third party arising out of my conduct at The Somersby Paddock during any Clinic or other activity and whether such claim arises out of my negligence or otherwise.